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Game2Give 2021

Together with you, we are making this world a better place for all!  #Game2Give

From February 24 and March 2, you can donate to receive exclusive Destiny 2 loot like the Light Keepers emblem, plus brand new, never-before-seen items—including the Arc Propellant emblem, Hi-5 Heart Exotic Multiplayer Emote*, and the Altrus Pura Mk1 Exotic Ship* (complete with Bungie Foundation decal)!

*Click here for more info on how to redeem your Destiny 2 loot after making a donation.

*Donations are cumulative, so donors will receive all prizes at and below their donation tier. For example, a $50 donation will earn you all four prizes. Donors can also make multiple donations across the campaign window, which are also cumulative. For example, if you donate $10, you will earn the Light Keepers Emblem. If you make a $40 donation later within the campaign window, you will earn the remaining three prizes. Click here for more info!

Your Support Today Means More Than Ever!

In addition to making the iPads for Kids program possible, your donations will continue to change lives across all of The Bungie Foundation’s core initiatives including Disaster Relief and Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity. Whenever you and members of the Bungie community contribute to the cause, you are able to make the following charitable impacts:

  • $50: Provides life-saving medical supplies to a family impacted by a natural disaster
  • $500: Provides the iPads for Kids Program to a child recovering at their local children’s hospital
  • $1,000: Provides a scholarship for a low-income student to receive education in areas of STEAM

For more info about this charity and what funds go towards, visit the Bungie Foundation website

Thank you to all of you for your generosity and support, I am so proud to have and be a part of such an amazing community! 

❤  Kyber (Kimberly)

Twitter: Kyber3000 D2_Director

Other Links: Instagram • WebsiteDiscord 

NOTE: Sharing this link helps support this charity as well and is greatly appreciated!


Larger Views of Exclusive Donation In-Game Items:

*Click on the emote image to view a video of it.