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Our Journey

The Bungie Foundation was founded in 2010, however, the earliest reaches of Bungie's charitable efforts stretch back to 2001 when we granted our first wish through Make-A-Wish. Since then, our philanthropic efforts have expanded greatly. None of which would have been possible without the generous spirit of the Bungie community. Take a look below at our journey.


The heartbeat of the gaming community and philanthropy

The spirit of giving is alive and well within the Bungie community and your generosity has been hard at work over the past 14 years. To date, this community has raised over $20,000,000You have brought joy and comfort to hundreds of thousands of sick children and their families, a sense of hope and relief for disaster stricken communities across the globe, and championed inclusivity and equality for all.

Little Lights and bringing a smile to children's faces through entertainment is how the Bungie Foundation started, but we have grown to be so much more. We are fortunate and thankful to be able to help others through our charity partners around the world, all thanks to your continued support. 

Take a look below at your support's impact: