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Welcome to Bungie Day Giving Festival 2023!

From July 6 – July 23, we celebrate all things Bungie! From all of you in our amazing community, to the remarkable good your support enables, to a whole slate of new digital and physical prizes for Guardians to earn. Plus, there might be a few surprises along the way...

Details on what to expect and earn throughout the campaign can be found below, and check out our full calendar of featured creators HERE.

Grand Prize Details

From July 20 through the end of the campaign on July 23 23:59 PT ALL DONATIONS will receive one entry into the Grand Prize drawing.* See below for the details of this amazing prize.

Signed Lightfall and The Final Shape Collector's Editions
The Final Shape + Annual Pass game code
PlayStation game code bundle:

The Last of Us – Part I
The Last of Us – Part II
Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut
Horizon Forbidden West
God of War Ragnarok
Gran Turismo 7


Why We Do What We Do

In April of this year, we had the privilege and honor to welcome a very special guest from Make-A-Wish to the Bungie HQ in Bellevue. His name is Wyatt and he had been waiting over 3 years throughout the pandemic to visit our studio for his wish. Wyatt is a Destiny super fan, and his wish was to travel to Bungie’s HQ to meet the developers of his favorite game - the game which has given him hope, forged amazing friendships, and laid the foundation for his future ambitions..

Wyatt was given a true hero's welcome from the moment he walked into our doors and his passion and inspiration will forever be in our hearts. Experiencing these moments firsthand is the ultimate reminder and proof of why we do what we do.

And all of this is ultimately because YOU!
The Bungie community has created a place where friendships and camaraderie can foster and grow.
Where YOUR selfless giving allows us to make wishes come true and effect positive change in the lives of people across the globe.

Thank you. We give you our most humble and sincere gratitude.

Donation Incentives

Donate anytime during the campaign to unlock any (or all) of the following. We have 3 brand new items and one exclusive bundle up for grabs this year.

$10 $25 $50 $100



Fundraiser Incentives

This year's fundraiser incentives are some of the most exclusive items to date. Full details on all incentives can be found HERE.

$777 $1,777
Heart Emblem Bundle Exclusive Marathon T-Shirt*


$777 - Heart Emblem Bundle (All previously released Bungie Foundation heart emblems )

$1,777 - Marathon Collection [000] limited edition (no longer available to buy), with exclusive Bungie Foundation "0777" number.
*Limited to the first 200 fundraisers, preferred size not guaranteed.

Top Fundraisers

We have additional prizes for our top fundraisers.

The Top 10 fundraisers will receive a PlayStation Store game code of their choice, from one of the below titles:

The Last of Us – Part I
The Last of Us – Part II
Ghosts of Tsushima Director’s Cut
Horizon Forbidden West
God of War Ragnarok
Gran Turismo 7

The Top 25 fundraisers will also receive an exclusive, Bungie employee-only Marathon announce T-Shirt. These shirts were given to our employees as a gift and are not available to buy anywhere. *Preferred size not guaranteed.

Lifetime Fundraising

In addition to our event prizes, the Light Keepers Guild is proud to announce its newest level of rewards for fundraisers who have achieved $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000 in lifetime donations with their communities. Please see the details below. Individuals who qualify for these awards during the campaign will have their items granted directly to their Bungie accounts at the conclusion of the campaign.

$25,000 – Mediastinum emblem + Principled Porphyry shader

$50,000 – Venae Cavae emblem + Hearts of Gold shader

$100,000 – Cordula emblem + Argent Champion shader



Seven Days of Prizes

This year we will host our first "Seven Days of Prizes" event. Each day, beginning on July 13th, we will be giving away a special prize to win - thanks to our partner Numskull Designs. We will announce each day's prize at 10:00 AM Pacific Time on Twitter, so be sure to follow @BungieLove. Updates will also be added to the schedule below:

July 13 Signed Lightfall Collector's Edition
July 14 Destiny Plush Bundle
July 15 Drifter Collectible Bundle
July 16 Lord Shaxx Statue
July 17 Variks Statue
July 18 Witch Queen Statue
July 19 Sony PlayStation game code bundle

*Winners must be resident of US or Canada (excluding Quebec) to be eligible for prizing. Full rules, entry, and eligibility requirements can be found HERE.