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Rules and FAQs

Guardian Games Cup 2023 is a team based competition beginning at 10:00 PDT May 2, 2023 and concluding at 09:59 AM PDT May 23, 2023. This year, teams will compete in the Technical and Charitable categories. The Technical category tracks each officially registered team’s total number of medals dunked during Guardian Games. The Charitable category tracks the total amount raised through the team’s official Bungie Foundation sign-up page throughout the same period.

The top four teams in each category will be awarded with some sweet prizes, including:
  • Top team in the Technical category: custom art of your fireteam by PherianArt
  • Top team in the Charitable category: custom art of your fireteam by Gammatrap
  • Top two teams in the Technical and Charitable categories: Guardian Games Pendant ($200 MSRP)
  • Top three teams in the Technical and Charitable categories: Apricot Dawn emblem
  • Top four teams in the Technical and Charitable categories: Bungie Store discount codes
Teams may compete (and are encouraged to) in both categories. Teams may also receive rewards from both categories. In order to be eligible for prizing from either competition, please see the below rules.
  1. Players must register on the DonorDrive event page and provide their Bungie ID.
  2. Players may only join ONE team and may not switch teams once registered.
  3. Teams may have a MAX of six players on each team.
  4. Team captains are responsible for their rosters, including accurate membership and Bungie IDs.
  5. Prizes are cumulative for each tier. For example, the first place team will receive prizes from all four levels.
  6. Prizes are non-transferrable and cannot be redeemed for other prizes.
  7. Should your team place in both competitions, your team may receive duplicate prizes. For example, if you place 2nd in the Technical category and 3rd in the Fundraising category, your team will receive two emblems and discount codes each.

Any questions or issues with teams and registration should be reported to


  1. How does Team and Individual fundraising work?
    Each registered participant will receive their own fundraising page/link. Each team will also have a TEAM fundraising page/link. Donors may donate to either page/link. All donations received, either through individual or team links will count towards your team's total.

    For example:
    If player A raises $100 through their page, player B raises $500 through their page, and the team page receives $1000, your total team funds will be $1600.

  2. Will this event be eligible for Light Keeper's Guild (lifetime fundraising) status?
    Yes, all donations received through INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE/LINKS will count towards your Light Keeper's Guild status. Donations received through Team links are not eligible. Your team's total fundraising amount will NOT count towards Light Keeper's Guild status.

  3. Which link should I share on my stream/socials?
    If you would like to earn and progress your Light Keeper's Guild status, we recommend sharing your individual page link. Any funds raised individually still count towards your team's goal for the competition.

  4. Which Overlay should I use, team or participant?
    The Team overlay will show all donations to your team in real-time, whether they are made directly to you, another teammate, or the team page. The Participant overlay will ONLY show donations made directly to your personal link.

    We would recommend using the Team overlay, since it will show all donations.

  5. How can I check my team's rank in the Technical competition?
    Scores will be calculated daily offline and updates will be posted on the event home page. Only the top 4 teams in the Technical category will be displayed. Please note that the leaderboard in the Technical category will have up to a 24 hour delay.

  6. How do I invite clanmates or friends to my team?
    Only the team captain may create a team. Once a team has been created, the captain can invite others to join from their account. There are TWO ways to invite others to your team:
    1. RECOMMENDED: The Captain will create a custom code to share with invitees. This code will be entered during the registration process for team members. Below are the instructions on this method.
      A) Captain logs into account --> Click "Team Page" --> Click "Settings" --> Select "Only people who have this code" --> Enter custom code --> Click "Save Changes"

      B) Send you teammates the Team Page URL and code.
    2. Optional method: By default, join settings are set to "Open." Anyone can search for your team and join the roster with this setting. We recommend turning this option off to ensure only invited teammates can join.
  7. How do I join my friend's team?
    If your friend has created a team already, please visit the Team Page and click "Join Us." Follow the registration steps and enter the "Team Code" which you will need to receive from the captain in order to register. 
  8. When can I donate and/or begin collecting donations?
    Donations will open on May 2nd, 2023 at 09:00 PDT and will be accepted until May 23, 2023 at 09:59 AM PDT
  9. How can I earn the Quantum Relay emblem?
    Any donation of $25 or more to the event, a participant, or a team will earn you the emblem beginning May 2, 2023 at 10:00 PDT. Donations are cumulative, therefore multiple donations under $25 will count towards reaching the $25 level. Only ONE EMBLEM may be earned per unique donor. Recipients will receive an email (used to donate) with a unique URL to redeem the emblem directly to your account.
  10. Where is the money from my donation going?
    All funds raised during Guardian Games Cup 2023 will be split equally between Direct Relief, IRC, and the Bungie Foundation. Please visit the Our Partners page for more information on each organization's mission and impact.