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Light Keepers Guild


We are fortunate to have the most loyal and compassionate community in the industry. Our players continue to show up time and time again to lend a hand in the world wherever and whenever needed. Beginning with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Bungie community showed its support and desire to put a dent in the universe. With every call to action, from the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 to the fires in Australia in 2020, the Bungie community has continually come together to help others – to be the keepers of light and good across the globe.

The Bungie Foundation held the first Game2Give in 2019 and invited members of our community to not only donate, but to take a more active role by fundraising and helping us spread our mission’s reach. Game2Give has grown year after year, resulting in over $2,000,000 raised in 2021, with half of the funds raised directly by our fundraisers in the Bungie community.

Light Keepers Guild

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible achievements of our fundraisers and bring you along on our journey. We created the Light Keepers Guild to do just that – a new way to track and reward our fundraisers for their lifetime support.     

How It Works

Any individual who registers to fundraise during one of our campaigns will become a member of the Light Keepers Guild. If this is your first-time fundraising, all individual funds raised moving forward will accumulate towards your Light Keepers Guild status and incentive tiers. Returning fundraisers will find their previous campaign data reflected in their DonorDrive accounts.

We currently have six Light Keepers Guild tiers:

$2,500 - Metagalactic Bloom
$5,000 - Function of Grace
$10,000 - Core of the Nova
$25,000 - Mediastinum
$50,000 - Venae Cavae
$100,000 - Cordula

The Future

We are excited to continue fostering meaningful relationships with all of our Light Keepers Guild members through this evolving program. Much thought and design is being put into the ways to properly reward our community and the means to deliver those rewards. Please be patient as we work to create the best experience and know that we are always open to feedback.

Below you will find answers to questions already asked and others we anticipate.

THANK YOU for all your support over the years and we look forward to this next journey with you!

Participate in Bungie Day Giving Festival and join the Light Keepers Guild NOW



How will I get my incentives?

Currently, all fundraising incentives will be granted directly to your Bungie account. You must provide your Bungie ID during registration.

What if I have already earned the Metagalactic Bloom or Function of Grace?

If you have already earned these emblems, thank you for your past support! We are unable to grant them to your account again and you will not receive a second set.

Can I give these rewards to a community member or friend?

Unfortunately, at this time Light Keepers Guild rewards will only be granted to the Bungie ID registered on the fundraiser’s DonorDrive account. The Bungie ID cannot be changed once it is linked to a DonorDrive account.

What historical events are included?

Individual fundraising totals from the below events will count towards Light Keepers Guild progress:

  • Game2Give 2019

  • Game2Give 2020

  • Game2Give 2021

  • Bungie Day Giving Festival 2022

  • Game2Give 2022

  • Guardian Games 2023 (Individual donations only)

How does team fundraising work?

Currently, Light Keepers Guild progress is limited to individual fundraising efforts.

For Game2Give 2022 – only fundraising attributed to your personal account will count towards Light Keepers Guild progress. Developing team fundraising capabilities into the Light Keepers Guild is a top priority for future events.

How do I see my progress?

Your DonorDrive account will display your current lifetime totals. Please login with the email used to register on DonorDrive.

I haven’t logged in since 2020, what do I do?

If the last event you participated in was either G2G 2019 or 2020, please try logging in with your email used originally to register. If you are unsuccessful, please try resetting your password. If you still face errors, please reach out to and our support team will help.

When will I get my rewards?

Any Light Keeper who has qualified for one of the 6 tiers prior to Bungie Day Giving Festival 2023 will be granted their rewards at the start of the campaign on July 6th.

Incentive tiers reached during the campaign will be granted at the conclusion of the event.

All post-event rewards will be delivered to your accounts within 30 days. We hope to deliver these much sooner, however we cannot guarantee this.

Why are donation rewards immediate, but I have to wait for fundraising rewards?

Unfortunately there are some technical limitations which prevent us from granting the fundraising incentives upon qualification.

These tiers are so high! I am not a big streamer and will never reach that level.

This was one of the main reasons for creating the Light Keepers Guild. We wanted our community to have the ability to reach these higher fundraising tiers over a longer period of time rather than during one event.

We do also offer lower tiers of $777 and $1,777, however these tiers are not part of the Light Keepers Guild and are only available on an event-by-event basis.

Would you consider creating a similar program for donors?

Developing a program to reward our donors for historical giving is also at the top of our list. This is something that is important to us as we recognize that our community comes back campaign after campaign to support us. Please know that we recognize your generosity and are working towards creating something special.

I have never fundraised before, I don’t know what to do.

This is a very natural feeling, so we will do whatever we can to help you along the way! We offer a full toolkit for streamers that include wide variety of assets, talking points about the Bungie Foundation and its mission, media to share on socials, and clever ways to set up your campaign. We are also always here to answer any question you may have about fundraising. You can find that Toolkit HERE.

Do I have to stream to fundraise?

While the majority of our fundraisers are streamers, we have fundraisers who create content in a variety of forms – including art, social media, VOD, and blogs. Some fundraisers just leverage their Destiny community, whether that may be your clan or a discord server. You can also fundraise completely offline in your local community.