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Bungie Foundation Donor and Fundraiser User Terms

The Bungie Foundation Game2Give events are enabled by the Bungie Services. Participants and donors who receive digital incentives from Destiny 2, such as emblems, are expected to abide by Bungie’s LSLA and Code of Conduct.

All participants, fundraisers, featured streamers, and donors must abide by the below terms:

  1. Digital incentives are non-transferable between any Bungie account once redeemed. We will not provide any additional codes/offers for incentives redeemed to an incorrect account.
  2. Bungie prohibits commercial exploitation of any part of the Bungie Services, including collectable digital entitlements in Destiny 2, such as emblems. Digital incentives may not be sold or included/packaged in the sale of another physical/digital product and Bungie reserves the right to enforce against the misuse of digital entitlements to promote the sale of another product. Digital incentives that have been commercially exploited may be deleted without warning.
  3. All incentives are subject to availability, and we maintain the right to alter an incentive at any given time.
  4. Fundraisers must be in good standing with Bungie and the Community Team to receive any digital and/or physical rewards. “Good standing” means consistent adherence to Bungie’s Code of Conduct. Fundraisers who are not in good standing may have certain rewards and/or recognition revoked at any time.
  5. Accounts that attempt to impersonate another fundraiser/streamer will be deactivated. Participants are asked to limit their use of alternate accounts during the event. Individuals who create additional accounts to exploit the incentive system may face punishment, including, but not limited to, permanent account banning.
  6. Unique incentive URLs should not be shared with any other individual besides the account owner. We will not be responsible for incentives redeemed from a shared URL and cannot restore any incentives to the original owner.
  7. Fundraising incentives will be delivered post campaign close unless otherwise noted. Digital incentives may take up to 30 days to be delivered. User will be notified when these incentives have been granted. Bungie reserves the right adjust delivery times as needed. Bungie will not be responsible for incorrectly entered Bungie IDs or addresses.